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MF-BO-A-001 + series Yellow finger guard, for chucks with colored housing 2
MF-BO-A-002 + series Yellow finger guard, for chucks with CHROME housing 2
MF-BO-A-003 HRV-1, Lock pin set, LEFT (button) series 22-30 only 2
MF-BO-A-004 HRV-1, Lock pin set, RIGHT (button) series 22-30 only 2
MF-BO-A-005 + series HRV-2. Lock pin set, LEFT (clip) 2
MF-BO-A-006 + series HRV-2, Lock pin set, RIGHT (clip) 2
MF-BO-A-007 + series HRV-S, Lock set , LEFT (handwheel clip) 2
MF-BO-A-008 + series HRV-S, Lock set, RIGHT (handwheel clip) 2
MF-BO-A-009 + series Spring and ball kit, C-type 5
MF-BO-A-010 + series Spring and ball kit, VT-type 5
MF-BO-A-011 + series Hinge-pin 5
MF-BO-A-012 + series Driver Disc with bolts for sliding chucks 2

! Please indicate series along with inquiry or PO; [mini, 19-25, 22-30, 30-40, 40-50, 50-80]

POPUP image HRV-S equipped chuck

POPUP image HRV-1 & HRV-2 handwheel locks

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